Fay Henexson | What She Left
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The photographs in this series feature simple objects that were once my mother's. Some of the items are treasured objects that she, in her turn, kept after the passing of previous generations. A life full of things is pared down to essentials - concentrated, thick and redolent with memories.
"still life with pomegranates", "what she left", "meat grinder", "light painting""pot lid", "what she left", "still life", "light painting""still life with photo", "what she left""still life", apples, "cookie jar", memories, "what she left""still life", "what she left", silverware"what she left" "still life" wedding frame cards memorabilia"depression glass", "what she left"books, "what she left", "still life""still life", "what she left", baby, shoes, clothes, "black and white", sepia, "hand colored""still life with cedar chest", "what she left"

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