Fay Henexson | Fort Casey: Nature Always Wins
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"Was it merely the twisted set of her mind, or was this mosaic of ashes to ashes and dust to dust a thing of beauty? Here in the mold, in the leaves and rain and growing mountains of bird shit, life was rich, fecund, strong enough to tear down the best man had to offer." Nevada Barr, Liberty Falling

Fort Casey - originally an army fort, now a Washington state park - shows the effect of weather on the works of man. Old machinery and battlements are becoming a nature-made art gallery of intriguing patterns and textures.
abstract peeling paint Fort Caseyfort casey abstractfort casey abstractOpen door, weathered wallfort casey abstractfort casey abstract"fort casey" abstract"fort casey" staircase"fort casey" concrete wall black and whitefort casey abstractfort casey abstractfort casey abstractfort casey abstract

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