Fay Henexson | Fall 2012: Northwest green and gold
12 photos

The brilliant autumnal colors are red and yellow and the various tints, hues, and shades of these... Every fruit, on ripening, and just before its fall, acquires a bright tint. So do the leaves; so the sky before the end of the day, and the year near its setting. (Henry David Thoreau)
"Hall of Mosses", "Hoh Rainforest", Washington, "fall foliage", "photo impressionism", "olympic national park", autumn, panorama"Hall of Mosses", "Hoh Rainforest", Washington, "fall foliage", "photo impressionism", photoimpressionism, "olympic national park", autumn"Hall of Mosses", "Hoh Rainforest", Washington, "fall foliage", panorama, "olympic national park", autumn, color"Hoh Rainforest", "Spruce Trail", Washington, "fall foliage", "photo impressionism", photoimpressionism, olympic, autumnsol duc valley"Columbia Gorge", Oregon, "Starvation Creek", "fall foliage", autumn, color"Columbia Gorge", Oregon, "Rowena Crest", panorama, sunrise, morning, clouds, view, river"Columbia Gorge", Oregon, "Rowena Crest", autumn, color, "fall foliage"Ashland, "Lithia Park", Oregon, autumn, color, "fall foliage", pond, reflectionAshland, "Lithia Park", Oregon, "fall foliage", autumn, color, leaves, dewAshland, "Lithia Park", Oregon, "fall foliage", "photo impressionism", photoimpressionism, autumnAshland, "Lithia Park", Oregon, "fall foliage", autumn, color

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