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"Old Poway Park", frost, leaves, winterwinter reflection old poway parkbanana leaf close-upFor love of books"Parking Area 1", nevada, "scenic drive", "valley of fire state park", rock, stone, formationswall painting winslow arizonaflowers, "photo impressionism", photoimpressionism, ranunculus"part the wild horse's mane", photomontage, "tai chi", montagebark, "lake poway", patternOregon, kelp, "Seal Rock State Park", "photo impressionism", photoimpressionism, seaweed"motion blur", sunrise, yachats, oregon, "camera movement"fort casey abstractfort casey abstract"eastern sierra", "fall foliage", "motion blur", autumn, california, "camera movement", aspenaspen, "eastern sierra", "fall foliage", "lundy canyon", california, autumn, color, grass, grasses, tree, trees, trunksOpen to the skyPipes, light and shadowabstract, "motion blur", "camera movement"

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