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While practicing the tai chi Yang Long Form, I feel that I’m inhabiting a place where meditation, exercise, and art intersect. Each day’s practice takes me a little deeper into that place, and it created a desire to express visually how the tai chi practice feels.

This project percolated for quite some time. After much thought and study I considered, and discarded, several approaches that felt too literal. It became clear that photomontage was the only way to create a still image that might capture the many layers of the experience.

The project lasted over ten months and resulted in the 14 images you see here. The Yang Long Form is also called the “108”, referring to the number of individual movements that make up the practice. I did consider - but abandoned - the daunting prospect of creating 108 photomontages! And not just because of the enormity of such a project. The longer I’ve done the practice, the more it has come to feel like one continuous flow, with many gradual changes.

My goal was to create something that represents a truth about my experience. And I hope that the viewer, whether or not they are familiar with tai chi, will be able to connect with what they find here.
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