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Explorations in the art of photomontage: combining elements from many photographs to create something entirely new.
"joshua tree", photomontage, sunset, montage, california, "van gogh""San Diego", photomontage, "tall ships", montage, "festival of sail""daylight savings", photomontage, montage, timeBorges, "Library of Babel", "National Library Week", Photomontage, books, montageFlower carpetHell's Grannies, Untamedabstract, photomontage, montageTriptych, three benchesKaleidoscopic reflectionBandon, "Oregon coast", lighthouse, photomontage, sunrise, coquille, montagecosmos, photomontage, montagephotomontage, "photo montage"feather photomontage thoreau"garage floor", abstract, montageautumn, photomontage, "photo montage"photomontagemontage, photomontage, "partridge in a pear tree"bark, kaleidoscope, montage, photomontagebooks, forest, photomontagephotomontage, montage, patchwork, bark

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