Expectation vs. reality

June 23, 2018  •  3 Comments

The other day I saw what I took to be a scarecrow in a cultivated field, and noticing how unnaturally it was stuffed out here and there and how ungainly its arms and legs were, I thought to myself, "Well, it is thus they make these things ; they do not stand much about it;" but looking round again after I had gone by, I saw my scarecrow walking off with a real live man in it. (Journal of Henry David Thoreau, June 23, 1853)

Last month I took a short trip to the Northwest, where I relaxed, spent time with friends and (thanks in part to those friends) reveled in some wonderful photo opportunities.  Oh, so many abstracts! Trying to organize them into manageable collections, I gathered the ‘nautical abstracts’ together first. These ‘scarecrows’ - boats and other well-worn objects found in docks and boatyards - take on a new reality as real live abstracts.  Or is it the other way around?  The abstract image surprises us when it is revealed to be an everyday object.  And the object surprises by transforming, on closer inspection, into abstract forms.


Karen Walter(non-registered)
Very interesting.

BTW, Thoreau is the first essay in Paul Theroux’s new collection.
Carol Leigh(non-registered)
Wait, what? The individual pictures have NAMES? They didn't show up for me. Couldn't even SEE your photos in Firefox, but was able to do so in Safari. But names? Nope. But still, it was very cool to see what you saw and try to figure out where you saw it. My fave? The pink/salmon-colored vertical image. Also the one that looked sort of like a buoy floating in water. Fun stuff! Glad I got to see them. Thanks.
CJ Middendorf(non-registered)
Fay, these are wonderful! You have such an eye for finding the "heart" of a wonderful abstract composition among the chaos I know to be surrounding them. I am especially drawn to "The View From Titan," "Red Tide," and "Atmospheric Disturbance." So happy you had a great trip and were able to spend some quality photographic time with Carol.
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