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Still and pensive

May 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

"Old Poway Park", "apple tree", raindropsFreshened by the rain

This rain is good for thought.  It is especially agreeable to me as I enter the wood and hear the soothing dripping on the leaves . It domiciliates me in nature. The woods are the more like a house for the rain; the few slight noises sound more hollow in them; the birds hop nearer; the very trees seem still and pensive . (Journal of Henry David Thoreau, May 17, 1858)

On this day in 1858, Thoreau captured in his journal the deeply pleasurable peace of a rainy day.  There are so many reasons for us to be grateful, here in California, for this year’s rainy season, but for me one of the greatest joys has been the many “still and pensive” days - just give me hot tea, a good book, and my Spotify rainy day playlist, and - sheer bliss.


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