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It’s been an unexpected year in many ways - and certainly for me, in terms of photography.  My love of nature photography has not diminished, but during 2016 I spent more time exploring other possibilities.  Here’s a rather arbitrary even dozen, in not-quite chronological order.

I created a number of photomontages during the year, starting in January.  This montage was one of several that started out as simple photographs of tree bark:

bark, kaleidoscope, montage, photomontageForest lace

Another favorite montage from this past year is the “wilderness of books”, a photomontage that I’d been wanting to do for quite a long time.  It finally came together, thanks in part to inspiration from Thoreau: “I have sometimes imagined a library… far away in the depths of a primitive forest… which the heroic student could reach only after adventures in the wilderness amid wild beasts and wild men.”:

books, forest, photomontageA wilderness of booksPhotomontage

During the worst of summer’s heat, I did most of my creative photography work indoors, including these two ‘cityscape’ montages:

abstract, "motion blur", photomontageSummer in the city

Portland, architecture, photomontageNorth by northwestPhotomontage

The magic of scanner art (scanography) was another creative possibility that I returned to again and again in 2016.  In March I wrangled California poppies into place (and it wasn’t easy!) for a vibrant springtime image.  And in December, a windfall of late autumn leaves provided material for richly colored botanical portraits:

"california poppies", "scanner art"California poppies

scanography, "scanner art", leavesAutumn farewell #3Scanography


The siren call of abstracts is irresistible.  Throughout the year, opportunities for abstract compositions presented themselves in abundance.  Springtime, prowling through abandoned military bunkers and rail cars:

abstract, "fort worden state park"The red sea

abstractShattered sky

Another abstract, using long exposure motion blur to transform a simple piece of cloth:

"motion blur", "camera movement", "long exposure"Red pyramid

There were many more abstracts added to my galleries, from many other places, during 2016.  This one, from November, is very special.  A photograph where nothing is what it appears to be - there is no sky, there are no clouds, nothing is broken.  The opportunity to create this image came along just when I needed it most.

abstract, reflectionFractured

And then there was London!  It was an all-too-short visit in September, but it yielded oh so many photographs - street life, street art, lesser-known sights, abstracts, nature - but I think this is my favorite.  The man, the painted wall, the shadows, all conveying a sense of a hot, hectic day at the Brick Lane Sunday market.

"brick lane", "east end", londonSunday market, Brick Lane

It wasn’t until October that I did a serious bit of nature photography, but it was worth the wait.  The timing was perfect for peak autumn color in the Eastern Sierra.  I found myself mesmerized, teasing out compositions from the chaos of the forest.

"Eastern Sierra", "Lundy Canyon", "fall foliage", "photo impressionism"Quiet abundanceLundy Canyon, Eastern Sierra. Photo impressionism.


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